The right OB-GYN relationship is one that puts you first, always.


We’re excited to announce we’ve added new doctors to our already trusted team of OB-GYNs. At SCL Health Medical Group, you can experience our approach to women’s health at either of our two OB-GYN practices.


Denver OB-GYN

1960 Ogden St. Suite 230
Denver, CO 80218

Located in central Denver, this practice serves those who live and work in the heart of the city.

Here is a snapshot of our Denver caregivers:

Dana L. Roper-Cooper, MD

Born, raised and educated in Denver, Dr. Roper has a true understanding of the Colorado lifestyle and what kind of relationship women want with their doctor. With more than 15 years of experience, she provides a wide range of care including helping women navigate infertility and pregnancy while offering minimally-invasive surgery and preventive care. Learn more about Dr. Roper and see her availability here.

Sarah M. Pederson, MD

Being a part of a woman’s healthcare journey is something that Dr. Pederson truly appreciates. Whether it’s delivering a baby, annual checkups, sick visits or surgeries, Dr. Pederson enjoys every single part. Dr. Pederson believes that  all women should love their doctors and have good relationships with them, so she takes the time with her patients and their families so they feel cared for and listened to. Learn more about Dr. Pederson and see her availability here.

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Stapleton OB-GYN

2823 Roslyn St.
Denver, CO 80238

Located in the family-friendly Stapleton neighborhood, this practice serves those who live and work just east of Denver.


Here is a snapshot of our Stapleton caregivers:


Alexa M. Fuller, NP

As an advanced practice nurse practitioner, Alexa’s approach to care is rooted in the empathy she feels for her patients. Ultimately, she strives to deliver the type of care she’d want to receive at every stage of her own life. Being in good health is a journey in Alexa’s eyes, and she knows her support is essential for women throughout pregnancy and beyond. Learn more about Alexa and request an appointment here.

Marci L. Peralto, MD

Dr. Peralto wholeheartedly believes in creating a bond with her patients, as she knows just how much compassionate care and valuable knowledge can empower women to take a more active role in their health. Her spectrum of care ranges from wellness and nutrition to routine and/or complex pregnancies and extensive gynecologic care. Learn more about Dr. Peralto and request an appointment here.

Kathleen M. Rustici, MD

As a woman and a mother, Dr. Rustici knows how personal and emotional OB-GYN care can be, which is why she works hard to create a strong relationship with all of her patients, encouraging an open line of communication and trust. Her commitment to providing individualized and comprehensive care across all stages of life is why she has such long-term relationships with her patients. Learn more about Dr. Rustici and see her availability here.

Amanda Lawlor Hittson, DO

As a new mother, Dr. Hittson is very cognizant of the personal nature of the OB field and prides herself on the ability to form deep and meaningful relationships with her patients. She strives to compassionately help women navigate transitions in their lives and empowers them to take charge of their health. Learn more about Dr. Hittson here.